Outsourcing Bookkeeping/Accounting/Tax Process Method:

1. It starts with sending us your information via email,  scanned documents or hardcopy. We will supply you with our standard format to send the relevant and required data either in the form of pdf files, mdi or e fax messenger.

2. Once the bookkeeping/accounting/tax information is received, trained tax professionals at our processing facility will data enter the information into our tax software.

3. After data entry, the bookkeeping/accounting/tax return is audited to verify that all the information received has been correctly entered and accounted for.

4. Next, the work is transmitted using the ASP/FTP or email to you for review. You'll receive complete returns, including any questions or comments the preparer thought necessary. 

Once you have the work, your firm can review and finalize, plus add or delete any information as is necessary. We can then update if needed and send you a final copy. 

Cost benefits of outsourcing Bookkeeping/Accounting/Tax Preparation:

Work prepared and completed by us will cost up to 50% less than the average fees currently incurred by a CPA, Accounting Practice, Tax firm or Bookkeeping company.  This reduction in cost will not only ensure increased profit margins for your firm, but will provide a significant marketing advantage for you in acquiring new clients.

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