Search helps owners of CPA and small to medium sized accounting and or bookkeeping firms transition there lifestyles to the future!

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Our firm is expanding rapidly and as such is always looking for new companies, practices and or customers. understands that one way to grow is through purchasing or merging with other practices.  We are continuously looking for Bookkeeping, Accounting, EA, CPA and Tax firms that would like to sell or merge with  It does not matter to us if you are a Bookkeeper, Accountant, CPA, Solo Practitioner, Consultant or Part-time employee working for someone else and doing bookkeeping, accounting and or tax work on the side.  All you need to sell your practice to us is a desire to be part of the Premier Bookkeeping & Accounting family of  Following are some frequently asked questions:

How does a Purchase work? will review your business which takes 1-5 business days.  This process consists of reviewing your financials, understanding the break-out of revenue & expense sources, and desires for owner and employees.  Afterwards, will provide you with an offer in writing that is good for 30 days.


Will Purchase Portfolios or Individual Accounts?
Yes, will purchases practices, portfolios (groups of accounts) or individual accounts.

Will the deal be paid in cash or financed?
All Accounting, Bookkeeping or CPA Firm offers could consist of cash, financing and owner equity.  Each situation and opportunity is different.

How quickly can Close?
A typical deal takes approximately 30-45 days from initiation to close. realizes that this is not an easy decision and wants to make the process as quick and simple for all parties.

What happens if an Owner changes their mind?
If at anytime an owner wants to discontinue or temporarily suspend the transaction it is not a problem for  Just let us know as soon as you know.  Our motto is...  We Understand Business Changes. Count On Us!

So, if your interested in selling your practice, Contact Us Now and we would be Happy to Speak With You!