1. Selling too Cheaply: will buy your practice for a fair price and depending on location and other factors, it may be more than you thought. Practice owners who sell using a broker often end up selling for a discount and many times without favorable terms for themselves.

2. Paying for Brokerage Services: you owe no commissions, brokerage fee’s or other hidden costs.  The sales price is the money you get for your practice.

3. Wasting time with Unqualified Buyers or Brokers: Brokers feel they need to put clients in-front of there listings so they feel there are prospects. Many of these potential buyers are lookers and non qualified.  With, we are a nationwide company with plenty of cash, always looking to expend, “No Area within the continental US” is closed at this time.

4. Selling for Cash:  Cash opportunities mean the least expensive price. pays cash but also provides the owner with various payment options to maximize revenues for the owners special needs or circumstances.

5. Waiting too long: You have invested a great deal of time and effort into your practice and it has paid off. Why not go ahead and pursue those other dreams while you still have the chance to enjoy them? provides you selling options to either walk away or in our preference remain on-board in several capacities (I.e. Account Management, Accountant, Relationship Manager, etc.).