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Is your accounting and bookkeeping solution working for you and meeting all your needs? Take the TaxTalkOnline Accounting Assessment below by reading each statement and then selecting “Yes” if your doing it today. When your done taking the 10 question assessment add-up your “Yes” clicks and then interpret your score:









Quarterly, I compare my gross revenues ,  expenses and profits compared to last year.




Weekly,  I do not mix my business and personal funds or expense activities.



Monthly, I compare sales and know if they were up or down  compared to the prior month and compared to the same month last year.




Quarterly, I can assess my business expenses by category and compare to previous quarter and years.



Monthly, I know what my bills are  and when they need to be paid.




Yearly, I am able to have my taxes prepared & completed early and or on time.



Monthly, I compare the amount of profit I made with the month prior and to the same month last year.




Daily, I have enough time to focus on the aspects of running my business.  I do not feel bogged down by bookkeeping tasks.



Monthly, I reconcile my bank, credit card accounts and outstanding receivables.




Yearly, I  pay some overdraft or late payment fees.

You are Done. Compute your total from above by counting the number of “Yes” answers.


8-10: You’re Getting Very Close! Good accounting & bookkeeping is not only important to you, but also a priority. Now, you are ready to see if you can save money. TaxTalkOnline can help you implement a bookkeeping system that will strengthen your financial view and save money for your business. Our firm knows your industry because that’s how our staff is aligned – therefore we can meet your specialized needs. Investigate our services and see what we can offer you today.

5-7: Plenty of room for improvement! TaxTalkOnline can definitely help you improve your bookkeeping & accounting processes. Significant benefits from our services can be realized through: senior staffing, online accounting technology, specialty reporting, alignment by industry, and more. Our staff will either build upon the foundation you currently have in place or provide you with the technology, processes and systems, to increase your profits immediately. Investigate our services and see what we can offer you today.

Under 4: Immediate assistance is recommended! Contact us today and TaxTalkOnline will provide you with a free and personalized consultation so we can develop an accounting and bookkeeping system that will solve your bookkeeping challenges. You will see significant results in just a matter of days. All these services at a low competitive fixed cost without hidden setup fee’s.

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